Meet the Trainers

Bobby Brown - Head Trainer

Bobby Brown moved to Grand Junction in the spring of 2013 from Omaha Nebraska.  He has a passion for mountain biking & is a Category 1 cyclist.  He competes in more than 20 state & regional races per year & trains hard each day to keep on top of his game. This love of adventure makes the Grand Valley the perfect place for him & his wife, Kim.
Bobby received his associate’s diploma from Vatterott College in 2008, as well as obtaining his certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association.  Bobby put four years of Personal Training experience under his belt before returning to Vatterott at the professor level.   He taught a prep course for the National Association of Sports Medicine certification, nutrition as well as exercise physiology.
Bobby’s clients have included young athletes, MMA fighters & folks into their nineties!   He specializes in weight loss by teaching functional training for daily life.  Bobby especially enjoys working one on one with seniors to help them maintain a healthy active lifestyle.  His philosophy for training is “tough love” while motivating his clients to put forth their best effort! 

Eric Brunner

Eric has a great love for the outdoors; backpacking, hunting, snow skiing, boating, water skiing and jet skiing. He also has a zeal for working out, which he shares through his Personal Training at Crossroads. Eric has been with Crossroads for 23 years. In addition, Eric has taught full time at Grand Junction High School, and is serving as an Intervention Specialist at GJHC.
Eric's education includes certification in Aerobic Pipe Line, 4-year degree in Human Performance and Wellness, Psychology Minor, Speech Minor, Physical Education Teaching Certificate K-12, and a Masters Degree in Education Technology. The proof of Eric's abilities as a Personal Trainer are the many long-term clients he maintains.

Zach King

Zach King has always had a passion for sports and helping others so becoming a Personal Trainer was a natural fit for Zach! He graduated from Wiggins High School on the Front Range in 2001 and came to Grand Junction to continue his education at Mesa State College. Zach graduated with a degree in Human Performance and Wellness with an emphasis in Athletic Training. Zach is an integral part of our training staff and has been changing people’s lives at Crossroads since 2008.  Zach specializes in post injury rehabilitation and recovery from physical trauma.  When he’s not in the gym he enjoys spending time with his family and church community, working on cars and coaching college rugby! And Bacon. And All Things Man.

Allen Russell

Allen Russell has been a competitive endurance athlete for over 4 decades. From age group swimming, high school and college athletics and post collegiate competition as a sponsored athlete Allen is very passionate about and has taken an active role in his training and in the training and coaching others. He has coached state and national champions and All-American athletes and traveled abroad as a coach for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
As a personal trainer, Allen’s goal for his clients is first and foremost meeting each person’s individual needs in a fun and safe environment while educating them on how to best maximize the time spent training. Knowledge is power. He also strives to help each person be able to do the best they are able to in all activities they undertake in order to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. By engaging in continuing and ongoing education, Allen stays up to date with current research and trends in order to provide clients with training based on a solid foundation of research and results.

Eric Ward

Eric is a native of and attended college in the Midwest. He now resides in Grand Junction after several relocation moves across the country with an automotive manufacturer.
Eric has always been very active in sports throughout his high school and college years.  Training was always an integral part of being in optimal physical and mental shape to perform at peak levels. He became more engaged in training others as he visited different workout facilities across the country.  He saw how he could help those who wanted to reach and maintain good physical and mental fitness.
Eric received his personal training certification from YMCA of the USA. In his training sessions he will focus on working a muscle group from different angles while isolating that particular muscle to help the client achieve their desired results.
Eric believes in maintaining and balancing the 'triangle' of cardio, diet and weight resistant training. Eric emphasizes to his clients consistently that "form and technique are key."

Rebecca Weitzel

Rebecca Weitzel, an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, combines her education (B.A. Psychology) and professional experience in designing health and wellness programming for clients of all fitness levels. She is also an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, allowing her to conduct highly effective fitness programs in group settings as well. Rebecca has worked for Crossroads for nearly 12 of the 16 years she has worked in the fitness industry.
Prior to dedicating her life to wellness, Rebecca worked as a Marketing Analyst for a large software company. She gained useful marketing experience that she applied to her true calling in life -- helping others in their pursuit of good health. She currently works at Hilltop Community Resources as well, as its Corporate Wellness Coordinator.  Rebecca believes in meeting people where they are in health. By helping people overcome their psychological barriers, implement proper nutrition, and adopt an active lifestyle, Rebecca strongly believes everyone can achieve their personal best in wellness.
 Rebecca stays active in her free time with her husband, Barry, and her two sons, Joshua and Brendon.

John Ball

 John has worked at Crossroads Fitness in various positions, however personal training is his passion and true calling. 
 John’s life philosophy is to build strength from within and the rest will follow.  He believes in working hard and helping others.  He enjoys sports and if it’s one he doesn’t play, he will learn.  John’s work-out philosophy focuses on core, balance and utilizing every workout modality.  Cross training is incorporated into all his programs. He understands the importance of physical well-being. John’s favorite Crossroads class is Kick-It, although he enjoys all areas of exercise including swimming.
 He is not only a certified personal trainer, but has also studied massage therapy.  Born in Long Beach, CA John has lived in L.A., San Diego, and Las Vegas.  He loves spending time with his son, Orion. 

Sierra Wiggins

Sierra is both a personal trainer and an athlete.  She graduated Cum Lade (4.0 GPA) from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Kinesiology – The scientific study of human movement.  In college, Sierra’s course of study also included sports nutrition and exercise science.
 Participating in college sports, Sierra knows what it takes to be an athlete at all levels.  In Track & Field, she excelled at the javelin.  She also did sprints and trained in cross country.  She is knowledgeable in a wide spectrum of training. 
 Her exercise philosophy is to develop functionally fit people at all ages.  Emphasizing the importance of well balanced bodies, Sierra works on fixing muscle imbalances and creating stability throughout the entire body while working through the kinetic chain from your core out to your limbs. She is also very knowledgeable on how to train the systems (aerobic & anaerobic) whether someone desires to increase speed or endurance.
 Coming to Crossroads Fitness from Paonia, this Colorado girl enjoys running, hiking, biking and being active outdoors.  Her favorite classes at Crossroads are Yoga and Kick-It.

Katie Brady

Katie is a native of the Grand Valley and loves it here! Since Katie has been at Crossroads Fitness she has enjoyed being apart of the health fitness team. She attended both Oklahoma Baptist University and Colorado Mesa University and received her Exercise Science Degree. While attending both Universities she got the opportunity to play on the women’s basketball team at both schools and her passion for sports drove her to get her degree in the health fitness field.
 Katie loves doing her job and helping people attain their health and fitness goals. But more importantly she enjoys the change she helps people make in their lives. A philosophy we have here at Crossroads is that it’s not a membership at a gym, or a workout session with your trainer that is going to change the way you live, but it’s how you learn to achieve the LIFESTYLE you want and it is our responsibility to help you get there. This is something Katie believes in wholeheartedly.
 Above sports and fitness, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and family. She feels blessed to have a husband that supports her and family close by. They are the reason she loves doing her job and the reason she wants to continue to learn and grow as a health fitness specialist. 

Adam Cisneros

Adam Cisneros grew up playing football in Chadron, Nebraska. His love for athletics and competitive drive motivated Adam to set out on his own weight loss journey.  Adam is the perfect example of what hard work, sweat and gritty determination can accomplish. He has lost over 100 pounds during his transformation and along the way has inspired others to pursue their fitness goals. Adam earned his AAAI/ISMA certification in 2014 and quickly became a key team member to our training staff. He specializes in weight training for weight loss and works with a variety of clients.  Whether you’re looking to slim down or add muscle mass, Adam has the personal experience to guide you! He loves music, cooking and exploring the outdoors, but spends the majority of his time at Crossroads of course! Adam started at Crossroads as a member, then was hired onto our Member Service team and now he is a helping others through Personal and Small Group Training! 

Andrea Nourse

Andrea Nourse grew up right here in Grand Junction! She and her family moved here from Richfield Utah when she was just 5 years old.  She has been teaching group exercise since 2006 and we’ve been lucky to have her here at Crossroads since 2009. She is AAFA and Les Mills certified. Although Andrea has taught a large variety of classes, her true passion is DANCE! She danced on the Grand Junction High School POMS team and she has performed in many of the Colorado Mesa University’s’ Repertory Programs!
In 2014 Andrea decided it was time for a change and set out to become a NASM certified Personal Trainer. Andrea’s experience as an instructor taught her how to create challenging but invigorating workouts. There is never a dull moment when you have Andrea pushing you to be your best!  She will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted by building strong, lean muscles.
Andrea is married to her high school sweetheart, Jaden and they have 4 amazing, athletic children. The Nourse’s spend the majority of their weekends traveling to various soccer, baseball and football fields! 

Tina Nelson

Tina was born and raised in Cortez, Colorado.  She relocated to Grand Junction to follow her career in Law Enforcement, as a 911 dispatcher.  Exercise was always a way to deal with the daily stress of the job.  After 19 years of dispatching and spending more and more time at the gym, she decided to go back to school to become a personal trainer. 
Tina is certified through ISSA.  She also spent six months working directly under the supervision of a successful and skilled personal trainer.
Being able to share her love of working out with others and helping them to reach their fitness goals is Tina’s passion.  She works with all types of people at different fitness levels.  She excels at creating a specialized workout for her clients.  She is available to provide encouragement, confidence, motivation, and strength, to help you reach your fitness goals!

Josh Shively

Josh is a born and raised Coloradan who would rather be in the mountains than on the beach any day. He loves spending time outdoors, especially backpacking and fishing. He moved to Grand Junction from the Front Range in 2012 to study Exercise Science and play football at CMU. After a series of injuries forced him to move on from football, he transferred his passion and love for hard work to fitness and training. In December, 2015, Josh graduated Magna Cum Laude from CMU with a degree in Exercise science; he also received his personal training certificate from CMU. Individuals who train with Josh will be met at their level of fitness, and focus first on correcting movement patterns and joint immobilities, as well as core strength, balance, and posture. He believes that strength and muscle should be built on a foundation of functional movement patterns and full range of motion. This will result in pain free joints and proportionately built musculature. He also places a great emphasis on nutrition, believing that proper diet is always where weight loss begins. Josh is a highly passionate and motivated individual, who loves training with everything in him, and aspires to one day be a football strength and conditioning coach at a big name university.

Carla Bamford

Carla Bamford is a Colorado Native. She came to Crossroads as a member in 2012 and in 2014 she joined our first-class training staff. Carla is a certified personal trainer and licensed message therapist. She has been dialed into the fitness industry for over 25 years giving her the experience and knowledge to help a wide variety of clients. Working with Carla you will see for yourself her impeccable attention to each clients needs. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, water sports, golfing, skiing and spending time with her 4 grandkids!  

Rose Watts

Rose Watts is the Trainer for you if you are looking for someone to kick you into gear with a smile! Rose is a fresh faced, NASM certified Personal Trainer since 2016. Originally from Pueblo CO, she came to Grand Junction in 2009 to cheer competitively and pursue her Kinesiology degree at Colorado Mesa University. Rose is an All-American Cheerleader and has even cheered internationally in Australia and London. As you may have guessed, Rose’s love for fitness stems from her passion for cheerleading.  When she’s not training clients here she’s coaching the Palisade High School cheer squad. She believes instilling healthy values in in the kids she coaches will help them build a healthy foundation for a lifetime of fitness. Rose works with men and women of all ages and fitness backgrounds to help them reach their goals through functional training. She loves hiking, shooting and being outdoors with her dogs!
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