Getting Started Program

We understand that not every member who comes to
CROSSROADS FITNESS knows how to workout!

It is our goal to introduce you to our excellent facility as well as to education you on exercise and provide you the tools you need to make your experience here one that is life-lasting!
Thats why this program is designed for the beginning club member or the person wanting a great start to a regular exercise program.

Getting Started covers three major components of physical fitness:

Cardiovascular conditioning / Strength training / Flexibility


A Membership Benefit - FREE!
Getting Started is a program designed for new and existing Crossroads Fitness members. For your convience, this program is offered at our Airport and Downtown locations to allow you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your club, staff, members, Group Exercise classes, and exercise equipment. Each class lasts approximately one and a half hours.

Registration is required. Make an appointment for your first session at the front desk of the Airport Club or by calling 242-8746. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and athletic or aerobic shoes to sessions. Arrive a few minutes before class starts.


Learn all about Crossroads Fitness and the variety of amenities available to you through your membership.

Focus on:
- Strength & Cardiovascular Fitness -  
- Get Acquainted with all Equipment - 
Goals: Information and the opportunity to participate in exercises that strengthen your heart, lungs & blood vessels. 75 minute class, bring water &  wear comfortable workout clothing 


Spend 30 minutes with a personal trainer  who will work with you to evaluate your  individual needs & begin to create a  personal plan to reach your fitness goals:
- Complete a Personal Intake Form -  
- Personal Exercise Recommendations - 

Goals: Information on personal training  & customized training program options.  30 minute session, bring water &  wear comfortable workout clothing


Participate in two (or more!) of the intro  classes recommended by your personal  trainer.  Meet instructors and learn more  about the following exercise programs:
- Cardio Classes - Strength Classes - 
- Water Aerobics  

Goals: Meet new people & experience the  fun and power of group exercise classes.  60-75 minute classes, bring water &   wear comfortable workout clothing


Congratulations … You just completed  the Crossroads Fitness “Getting Started  Training” Program and are eligible to   receive your FREE Crossroads gym bag. 

We encourage you to continue to enroll  and participate in all of our programs:
- Small Group Training - Personal Training - 
- Group Exercise Classes - Swimming - 
- Weight Training - Cardio & Weight Rooms
… and so much more!!! 
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