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Latest list of fitness trends shows what’s available

January 24, 2024

The American College of Sports Medicine compiles an annual list of fitness industry trends for the coming year.  

As with any industry, trends are set by people who use the products and services. This year’s list was compiled from survey results and input from industry professionals. What’s great about the fitness industry is it not only offers new ideas on staying healthy and fit, but also adds variety we can integrate into our lives. 

Fitness trends tend to become an evolution. Century old ideas have come back because the principals were sound. The human body and basic need for movement remains the same. But education, physiology and education have grown by leaps and bounds.

Wearable technology took first place in 2024 for the third year in a row. This includes fitness bands, GPS trackers and heart monitors. They count calories and steps, track heart rates and monitor sleep. The reason these devices  have taken the fitness world by storm is they provide immediate feedback. They help users become more aware of their fitness levels and motivate them to achieve their goals. What’s more, anyone at any fitness level can use them.

Worksite health promotion made its debut in the top 10 at second. As insurance rates rise, companies place more emphasis on employee health and wellness. Many companies have put together wellness programs that incorporate the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition to encourage employees to improve their lifestyles and become more productive. Some companies even offer incentives to employees who participate. 

Fitness programs for older adults ranked third.
The goal is to help older adults keep their bodies functioning and provide quality of life as they age. Strength training is essential to slow the gradual loss of muscle mass. Some insurance policies encourage health club participation.  Group exercise programs for seniors include water classes with low to no impact and beginning yoga.  

Exercise for weight loss made the top 10 this year. With obesity rates and associated health risks increasing, people are looking for options. There’s no quick fix for weight loss. The combination of exercise and proper nutrition remain key. The fitness industry continues it promote the cornerstones of fitness – cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, mind and body connection and nutrition.

The next two spots reflect the importance of health professionals. The industry recognizes individuals who’ve studied, trained and become certified in their specialties.  These areas aren’t exclusive to fitness trainers, but also include health coaches, nutritionists and psychologists.

Technology in the form of mobile exercise apps made the top 10 for the first time at seventh. These apps can be free, but usually include ads or can only be accessed through a subscription. There are apps for any fitness routine — from meditation and yoga to weightlifting.

The importance of mental health ranked eighth. Health clubs can be a powerful tool in promoting mental health by creating social communities, making mind and body connections and emphasizing the benefits of exercise for the brain. 

Youth athletic development is next. This involves engaging young people in activities and sports that encourage participation.   

Personal training ranked 10th. By working out with a trainer, you get not only the benefits of strength training, but also an educated coach preparing a workout program to fit you, your needs and your goals.  

This list offers some ideas of what’s available. Whether you’re looking for a fitness facility or just getting started on your fitness journey, the goal of providing this information is for you to keep moving. Whether it’s a ;ong-term trend or something new, finding fitness activities you enjoy is key.  

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