Success Stories & Testimonials

Steven Yates

January 23, 2023, my 60th birthday, I stepped on the scale and accepted the simple fact that after going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week I had managed to gain weight. I weighed in at 321 pounds.  I was pre diabetic with high blood pressure, resting heart rate above 90 bpm & was facing knee replacement surgery. I was tired of feeling awful and tired all of the time. I knew things had to change immediately or I wasn’t going to be around much longer.
I drank my last Monster Energy Drink on the way to the gym that day as I formulated my battle plan. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I served 32 years in the military and daily physical training was a way of life for me. Until retirement 9 years ago, I was  always in great physical shape. I knew I had to fix my diet first. I immediately cut out  energy drinks, soda, salt, cheese, caffeine, processed food, bad carbohydrates & sugar. I went cold turkey that morning on unhealthy eating and adopted a clean diet. Second, I had to stop wasting my time at the gym. Going through the motions of working out and wasting time until it was time to pickup my granddaughter from Kids Club was no longer acceptable. Third, I had to work within my physical limits. My exercises are limited because of several injuries including, knees are bone on bone from years of military training, partial artificial ankle, multiple level fusion in my neck and 100 pounds of fat.  The pool provided the perfect solution. Being a former Water Survival Instructor and an Expert Safety Swimmer and snorkeling enthusiast, I broke out the fins and snorkel and began swimming. Day one, I swam 1 length and had to stop and rest. I did 12 lengths in 1 hour and I was exhausted.  By the end of February, I was able to swim non-stop for 45 minutes. Today, 4 months later, I can easily swim 2 miles non-stop and I am in the pool 6 days a week and average 10 miles a week.  
My  journey continues, but so far I’ve dropped 80 pounds! I’m no longer pre-diabetic and my blood pressure is well within the normal levels and resting heart rate averages 65 beats pre minute. My diet is completely clean and have not had even one “cheat meal”. I have not had energy drinks or any unhealthy food or drinks since my birthday.  I’ve added a few things to my daily diet  a complete vitamin regimen and my daily treat of coconut water. I feel so much better and plan to keep improving my health and fitness. Congratulations, Steven, we are so proud of you and your amazing success!

John Obrien 

Like many people these days, John lost his way with his health and fitness lifestyle when Covid started. He started his health journey all over again in August this year! He originally joined Crossroads about four years ago and really got into swimming. He met quite a few friends and was coming consistently until Covid hit. He began to gain weight and lose motivation during that time. John had his leg crushed in 2000 and had his hip replaced in 2012. Because of his injuries, he has a hard time moving around and exercising and when he gained the weight it became pretty debilitating to function. His initial motivation for working out again was seeing himself in a picture recently at his granddaughters birthday party.
In just two months, he has lost 27 lbs and dropped several pants sizes. He went from a size 40-34 ! He says that the best part of losing the weight and gaining his life back has been the energy he has now. John says that he feels better now than he has in his entire life. Every morning, Monday—Friday, he gets up at 4:00am and is at the gym ready to swim and walk in the pool by 5:00am. Within the first week of coming back to Crossroads he said he was greeted and welcomed back by old friends that he had not seen since 2019. That made him feel so motivated and encouraged! He is now able to play golf without feeling totally worn out and little things around the house that used to be very hard for him are now easy! One of the best parts about losing the weight and getting in shape has been seeing his whole body, mind and spirit change for the better! People notice the changes as well and compliment him all the time. John swears that the pool at Crossroads Fitness saved his life!
Congratulations John!
We are so proud of you!

Tami Flaherty 

In 2020, my husband and I moved to Grand Junction. Ironically, it was the week before COVID took over.  Needless to say, my eating habits took a drastic turn for the worse.  Even though we hiked regularly, I was eating processed foods
and drinking wine every day. Between March 2020 and December 2021 I gained 45 pounds!    
Even though we joined Crossroads, between the stresses of moving, COVID and a bit of depression, I couldn’t get my act together.  I decided to make changes and engage the help of  Crossroads Personal Trainer, Sierra Wiggins.  With Sierra’s help, we started work on body strengthening and improving my nutrition. Sierra provided several menu plans using non-processed foods.  This started my path to understanding good and bad eating habits.     
I still needed some extra help and joined Weight Watchers in January 2022. In combination with WW and Sierra’s training, I have lost 40 pounds. My plan is to continue working towards my goal of losing all of the 45 pounds I gained.  I weighed 245 pounds in January of 2022 and I am now at 204.  Once I lose the last 4 pounds, I will start my next goal of losing an additional 50 pounds to reach my final goal of 150 pounds.
I could not have accomplished all of this without the support of my husband and Sierra. Sierra’s passion for health and wellness is felt in our training and it makes me feel like she’s in it with me and I’m never alone!
She keeps me motivated, provides encouragement, changes things up and is also my friend.  
Without Crossroads and my husband, I don’t know that I would have been able to tackle all of this by myself.
My thanks to both of them for being my support group!
 Congratulations Tami!                                     
We are so proud of you!

Kevin Vig

Kevin Vig joined Crossroads back in the 80’s. He took some years off to raise his kids, but has been back steady for over three years. He said that during his time off from coming to the gym and making health and fitness a priority in his life, he gained a lot of weight and became unhappy with his body. His sons were his motivation to get healthy again. He has a daughter with special needs and they come to the gym as a family. He says that teaching her to exercise has been such a blessing and to see her get healthier is truly inspirational. Being more dedicated to his health has contributed to Kevin losing 65 lbs and feeling so much better. When Kevin is not working on his fitness goals he enjoys riding his Harley, going to church, preaching and spending time with his kids and wife. He is an Elder at Appleton Christian Church and his faith is very important to him and leads his life. He wants to stay active and healthy for the kids at the church too. Kevin really enjoys coming to Crossroads and says that the staff, especially Riley and Tell, make the atmosphere of Crossroads such a warm and welcoming place to be.
Congratulations on your success so far, Kevin. It’s members like YOU that keep Crossroads Fitness part of the community year after year.

Brian Somerville 

“My health and fitness journey started back in 2012. Since my college years, I’ve always struggled with consistency in the gym. I’d work out diligently for a couple weeks on my own, and then fall off the bandwagon for a month or two. Somedays,            
I would over do it at the gym causing me to be too sore to even work out the next week. Fitness was a constant up and down struggle for me. As a result of the inconsistency, I never saw good results. My weight steadily increased over the years while I was settling into a diet of fast food and sodas.   
In 2012, Molly Jo came to my work and did a presentation about Crossroads Fitness. I remember her talking about Group Fitness classes, which caught my attention because that’s something I had never tried before. Soon after her presentation I signed up for a membership and the first thing I did was go to a Kick It class.  I remember feeling completely exhausted after that class, but energized at the same time. I couldn’t wait to try other classes!  Over the following months, I became a “regular” in other classes like BodyPump and Chisel. The Instructors were all very friendly and encouraging and did a great job of making everyone feel like family. Plus, the camaraderie with instructors and other members was an aspect of fitness I had never experienced before. Staying motivated in fitness is always a struggle, but when you join in with others it makes the struggle more enjoyable. Working out became FUN to me in Group Fitness classes, instead of it feeling like a chore. 
Prioritizing time to work out also became easier for me. I learned that it’s not about having enough time to work out, it's all about what you prioritize.  Going to a Group Fitness class became a bigger priority for me than sitting at home watching TV.  
As time went on my energy increased, I was happier and I felt more confident!  I was also more motivated to change my diet. Since 2012 I have not had a single soda and hardly ever eat fast food.  (Although, ice cream is still a constant temptation for me!)
In 2016, James encouraged me to get certified to teach “INSANITY”. I started teaching classes right away and have loved every minute of it!  I truly love seeing other people be encouraged and motivated in the same ways I was. In 2020, I also got certified to teach SH1FT and L1FT, two more High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Group Fitness classes.
I want all the members to know that they are not alone in their fitness journey. We are all here for them as members and instructors to help them along the way. I started out as a member who needed encouragement and now I love being that motivation for the members that come to my classes!”

Ethan Carpenter

Ethan Carpenter has been a Crossroads member since 2018. He says he owes his fitness success to his gym partner, Whitney Gilbert, his trainer, John Ball and the awesome staff and members here at Crossroads. When asked to write his success story, his first thought was “I’m not where I want to be”, but he was reminded by Molly that it isn’t always about where you are, but how far you have come. This was the exact reminder he needed to keep putting his best foot forward and the best will come. He is stronger, more athletic and has noticed his whole physique change throughout his journey so far at Crossroads. He has gained 30 lbs of muscle and is able to do lifts that he never even imagined before his training with John Ball. He has increased his strength by almost 100 lbs on some lifts and says that the variety of exercises John taught him made him an overall better lifter and athlete. Ethan is very humble and does not like to brag on himself for how far he has come, but he did say that having people  compliment him on the way he looks now is very rewarding. His gym partner, Whitney, says that he has totally transformed his body and she is so  impressed with how much stronger he is now!
 “Three important things I’ve learned during my health and fitness journey are:  1.) I was my own worst enemy - I created my own obstacles. 2.) Everyone goes to the gym with the same end goal - to better themselves. 3.) Surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed. For me, going to the gym became more than just setting a goal and getting “swole”. It is everything outside of that too like the support from gym mates, trainers and staff, and pushing through the reps, even when you feel like giving up. Understanding that sometimes it goes beyond training to meet your goals and its okay to rest, have good nutrition, hydration and most importantly, attitude. These are all variables at play.”
“There will always be an excuse to not show up but there will always be an equivalent or greater reason to keep pushing.” -Ethan
Congratulations on your amazing results, Ethan. We are proud of you! Keep up the good work!


Juan Santana 

As a teenager, I started lifting weights, but I would say my fitness journey really started in 2018. My uncle asked me one night to go to the gym with him and I quickly knew that I had the drive and passion for weight lifting and from that moment on, I’ve been hooked! I started my power lifting journey when I noticed my friend was competing locally and I was determined to get my name out there too and join some competitions of my own. I want to keep breaking my own records and the records of those around me. I joined a team named Team Western slope and started meeting with a coach to really push myself to the next level. My first competition was in April of 2021 at the Revenge of the Kilos where I placed 3rd! I realized how much I loved this sport and want to continue this passion. I have my next competition coming up in October and I’m really excited to see what I can do! My personal records are 315 for Bench, 405 for Squats, 485 for Deadlifts and my current weight is 158lbs. I am on the right track to bring home 1st place! I love the support I get from Crossroads Fitness. There is truly no place like Crossroads and I always recommend this club to everyone I know. The staff is amazing and will do anything to help you out. Getting into the fitness industry has been one the best decisions of my life. I want to thank Crossroads for being a place where I can make my dreams become reality.

Nancy Benton

I’m Nancy Benton and I joined Crossroads over four years ago when my friend Deb invited me to join her. I grew up in California near the ocean and enjoyed several water sports including water skiing. We had limited health club options where I lived at the time and the focus on health was not as well defined as it is today.                                                                                                    
I became a member of Crossroads because I felt that the staff takes a sincere interest in my health and they encourage me to maintain an active exercise program to help me stay healthy. I especially like the fact that my personal trainer, Carla, designs a  fitness program to match my needs with a balance of weight training, cardio and strength building programs. When I first started training, I could barely lift any weights. I am so much stronger now and have gained so much muscle! I have met other members who enjoy the same type of programs and together we have a support network that encourages each other to reach our goals. In addition to Carla and my fellow exercise partners; I enjoy the facilities, the equipment and most of all, the people at Crossroads who all seem to care about being healthy. I know that with a regular schedule and a good balance in my workouts I will be a happier and more energic person. My exercise programs will also help me to keep up with my children and my new grandson. When I am not at Crossroads, I enjoy hiking the many beautiful trails in Western Colorado. Thanks to Crossroads, I am a healthier and happier person than I was before I joined the club.                                                                                                                               Congratulations Nancy! We are so proud of you!

Grace Powders

Grace Powders has been a Crossroads Fitness member since July 2006.  In 2013 Grace and her husband really started to get serious about coming on a regular basis. They always come to Crossroads together to keep each other accountable. Grace was recently at a routine doctor appointment getting blood work done and the results weren’t as good as her doctor would have liked. The doctor wanted to put Grace on medications, but Grace insisted that she could  manage her numbers though lifestyle changes.
Grace was motivated by her Grandmother, who lived to be 115! She is the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters, 6 of whom are between the ages of 80-90. She’s been able to witness first-hand what diet and exercise can do for your health when armed with good genes, a husband who can hold her accountable, and a positive mindset she has been committed to making better health choices. 
She has lost weight and gained muscle. The one thing that surprised her was the fact that her arthritis pain has diminished. Grace was diagnosed with arthritis years ago. She had come to terms with the fact that she would just have to work through arthritis pain. Her doctor told her years ago that she could work through the pain or she chose not to move her body and then her joints would freeze up and her mobility would go away.  This motivated her to move her body; knowing that this would keep her mobile through the last quarter of her life. Because she lost weight, she has less weight to carry on her joints and is in less pain! 
Grace is an inspiration to us all. She has the mind of a 30-year-old and wants her physical body to be able to keep up with her mind for decades to come. She is not ready to let her body influence what her mind and insides feel. She knows it’s her responsibility to get the information she needs to make sure she is making educated choices for her long-term health goals.  Grace continues to come to Crossroads because of the inviting staff and friendships she has built and is a regular in group cycle. Grace believes,  You get to choose to be healthy and I am blessed with what God gave me.
Congratulations Grace!
 We are so proud of you !

April Urban 

I have been a member of Crossroads for a little over a year now. I first got introduced to Crossroads and my trainer, Neil Ryan, when some of the staff came to my work to do a Workplace Wellness presentation. I signed up for a membership and personal training because I needed and wanted to feel better! Neil has been wonderful with teaching me proper exercises as well as working on my goals of increased range of motion, strength and flexibility. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have struggled with those things since I was 16 years old. Neil has been so dedicated to helping me reach my goals. I can do things I haven’t been able to do in years. The staff at Crossroads is amazing and it’s so comforting knowing they care about you and who you are!
Thank you Neil and all the Crossroads Staff!
“ When we first started training, April had a lot of mobility restrictions and her functional movement was very limited. She started out barely able to do a lunge and now she is doing split squats on the bench. Her strength has increased so much too! She is even working on pull-ups now, which is incredible to witness.”  - Neil Ryan, April’s trainer.


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