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Stop putting off your health and fitness goals

November 17, 2015

Procrastination — a term with which I’m all too familiar. Consider this column, for example. I’ve had weeks to write it. But here I am again, a day past deadline. I’m hardly alone in this syndrome of self-inflicted worry. 

Although there are many areas of life one can “put off,” the one that stands out in my mind like a neon sign is procrastinating when it comes to improving health and fitness. 

There’s a long tradition of New Year’s resolutions. The first day of every year becomes that day we’ve put off. This is the day we all get a fresh start. Everyone wants to reach their goals. Everyone. But why do we wait until a new year rolls around in the hope this will be the year we actually change our lives for the better?  

Let’s start with the obvious — why people start fitness programs. Health issues dominate the top of the charts. So many times I hear people say their doctor told them it was necessary. For others, it might be an important event like a wedding. For still others, they just decided fitness was important.

Maybe you don’t fall into those categories. Then what?  There are also many reasons why people put off starting a fitness program. One common reason is that it’s not a quick, one-day task. Starting a fitness program is starting a healthy lifestyle. It’s ongoing. It’s for life. That can be pretty intimidating for most people, especially someone who’s just beginning.  

So what’s the first Quick read more or view full article step?  Start thinking about it. Ask yourself these questions: Why am I considering a fitness program? What is my life lacking without it? What are my goals? After you’ve answered these questions, next comes the hardest one. It’s the question most people would rather not answer. Why haven’t I done this?

We all know the benefits of exercise and that it’s important.  Try telling yourself it can’t wait another day, another month or another year. Feeling better and taking care of your body should be the reason you stop procrastinating. If you’re really ready to do it for yourself, you will. Forget the excuses — that you don’t know how to exercise, you need to get fit before you go to a gym or are too busy. Just take the first step and start. I’ve learned to put my workout before many of my other daily tasks so I feel better and can accomplish more things. 

I don’t know why I procrastinated writing this column instead of just doing it. I’ll start thinking about my next column ... tomorrow.

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Exercise helps win fight with fatigue

August 27, 2013
Everyone knows what it’s like to feel tired. Fatigue is our body’s way of telling us it’s time for rest. With work, meetings deadlines and children, however, it’s easy to ignore these signs and power down another coffee or energy drink.

These quick fixes don’t overcome the need for rest, they merely subdue the symptoms for a brief time. The feeling of fatigue comes naturally, as your body will do the work and let you know. Depriving your body of its required rest will leave you with symptoms that are not only unhealthy, but also unproductive.

Sure, you can resist the urge to sleep to accommodate your busy lifestyle for a short time. Staying up late and getting up early are easy habits to start. But you could find you’re actually accomplishing less. Studies show adults need six to eight hours of sound sleep a day. Without this necessary allotment, the human brain and body don’t function to their full abilities. Work becomes complacent, family time scarce and workout regimens nonexistent.

While they sound like contradictory impulses, exercise will improve your overall fight against fatigue. According to researcher Patrick O’Connor, “More than 90 percent of the studies showed the same thing. Sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to groups that did not exercise. It is a very consistent effect.”

When you find yourself in the middle of a fatigue battle, move. If you can’t make it to the gym, do Quick read more or view full article something to release those endorphins. Complete a series of jumping jacks or go for a brisk walk at the very least. Moving will keep you going. The best choice is to set aside a time in your day just for physical training. Whatever your fitness level, start doing something.

You are what you eat. If you hurriedly scarf down a fast food burger and fries every day for lunch, your body will treat you as such. If you prepare meals ahead of time that consist of all the food groups, you’ll have more time to enjoy the nutrients you’re giving yourself. Your body works hard for you all day, give it the essential things it needs and it will provide the energy you need.
To become the productive, family oriented, present individual to which you aspire, make yourself a priority. Ensure your six to eight hours of sleep each night, eat regular healthy meals and commit to 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week. You’ll stay focused on tasks and enjoy the life you live with the people that matter most to you.  Read Less
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