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Say yes to living a more positive life

May 22, 2019

When I think about positivity, I think about how important that approach has become in my life. 

I’ve learned being positive is not the absence of things going wrong. No matter how positive you are, things will still go wrong, cause conflict and upset you. What I’ve learned is being positive gives you a different way to look at things, other people and events. The more your attitude remains positive during not-so-perfect times, the easier it becomes to remain positive in your everyday life.
Have you ever noticed if you go into the grocery store on a bad day, it seems like everyone around you is crabby, too? Attitudes are contagious. I was taught from a young age to remain nice to the people in which I came in contact even if they weren’t nice to me. Mom always said, “You don’t know what challenges they might be facing.” I’ve always remembered that.

It helps keep my attitude in check.  

How do you go about thinking positively? Consider the word yes. This little word is mighty.  
We’re often asked to do something we might not have time to take on — or don’t know how to do and risk failure. Eric Schmidt,  the former chairman of Google, said: “Find a way to say yes to Quick read more or view full article things.  Say yes to meeting new friends.  Say yes to learning a new language, picking up a new sport.  Even if it’s a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means you will do something new, meet someone new and make a difference in your life and likely in others’ lives as well.”

Saying yes to do something for ourselves seems to be the hardest. Why is it we don’t take time to put ourselves, our health and our happiness first? I’ve found this true, especially in my life and career of reaching out to others who don’t yet realize the importance of health and fitness. Not knowing how to exercise can make getting started scary. But making exercise a part of your life comes with high rewards.  

Using the word yes can do so much for us. It becomes an action word. Yes starts conversations. It can open doors and opportunities.  Yes takes commitment and work. The best part is you get to decide what things and opportunities you want to take on. Keep in mind not everything that comes your way is something to which you want to say yes. Don’t say yes to things unless they improve your life. Don’t say yes to things that keep you from saying yes to the things that really matter.
Here are some ideas to help you live a more positive life:

Practice being grateful for something in your life every day. It’s important to remain grateful for not only all the good stuff, big and little, but also the struggles that strengthen us. 

Use positive self-talk. We need to be our own best cheerleaders in life. It starts in the morning, when you first look in the mirror. Say something nice.  

Remember your attitude — good or bad — is contagious.

Say yes to being positive.

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