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October 20, 2020

I recently faced some tough questions from a friend who’s also a local business owner. After the conversation, I took some time to reflect on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected me personally, my business and the fitness industry as a whole. 

Personally, I learned there’s no handbook on how to handle life so different from those we lived less than a year ago. Instead of making lists, going to work and keeping busy, I learned to take time for the important things. That includes caring for myself through exercise and proper nutrition and connecting with others through phone calls and emails.  Evaluating my busy life, I learned to ask some important questions. What am I spending my time on? Why am I working on it? Does it really make a difference? The answers prompted me to make changes at work and at home.

On March 17, when my husband, Dale, and I locked up Crossroads Fitness, turned off the lights and lowered the shades, the feeling was somber. Our business became empty rooms and hallways.  It was then I had a revelation. This is just a building. Without our friends, staff and countless loyal members, it’s just a building. People and relationships are by far the most important things in our lives. It’s when the two come together in one place it becomes inspiring and Quick read more or view full article motivating.

While we did our best to stay connected to our members through weekly emails, Facebook posts, online classes and trainer tips, nothing can take the place of being together.

Reopening wasn’t easy. It was scary, in fact. But our team came together to make sure we could offer a place of comfort, cleanliness and community. Life and excitement came back. What an incredible feeling. As much as I hate to write this, it was a feeling I once took for granted, but never will again. 

There are many who remain fearful to come back. Honoring those who have different fears, expectations or beliefs is the only way to truly care about others.  

During the closure, I spent countless hours tuning into webinars from industry experts who tried to shed some light on what was going on and how to best take care of our biggest assets — our staff and members. The fact there were so many like me going through this tough time made it somehow easier to accept.

While the fitness industry has taken a significant blow, as have many other sectors, I applaud the industry for working diligently to overcome obstacles and to continue promoting the health and wellness of our communities. Along with our local leaders, the industry provides guidance to help steer our business into the future.

Who knows where this journey will lead. There’s no clear path through the woods. At times, it feels as though there’s no clearing on the other side. But there is a path, and we will find it.  

In the meantime, take care of yourself, reach out to others and know you live in a caring community.

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