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Trends show there are a variety of ways to stay fit

January 18, 2022

Every year for the last 16 years, the American College of Sports Medicine has compiled a list of what’s hot in the fitness industry for the coming year.

As with any industry, trends are established by the people who use the products and services. What’s great about the fitness industry, though, is trends offer not only new ideas about how to stay healthy, but also variety we all could integrate into our lives. Some fitness trends date back a century, but have come back because the basic principles remain sound. While technology and education have changed, the basic need for movement hasn’t.

Here are the top 10 trends for 2022, keeping in mind the fitness industry continues to experience the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to return to normal lifestyles:

The No. 1 trend is wearable technology, including such devices as fitness bands, GPS trackers and heart rate monitors. These devices count calories and steps, track heart rates and monitor sleep. They’ve become so popular because they provide immediate feedback, making users more aware of their fitness levels and motivating them to achieve their goals. Moreover, anyone at any fitness level can wear them.

Home exercise gyms placed second. As more people work from home, such equipment as bikes, treadmills and small weights can help them keep fit. Home gyms haven’t Quick read more or view full article taken the place of health clubs, but have added to overall fitness options.

Outdoor activities came in a third. Walking, riding, and hiking are among the most popular forms of outdoor exercise.

Strength training with free weights ranked fourth. This includes using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.

Exercising for weight loss placed fifth. An exercise program often combines with a nutrition plan to promote weight loss.

Personal training ranked sixth. Hiring a certified personal trainer or other experienced fitness professional is on the rise. By working out with a trainer, people not only enjoy the benefits of strength training, but also a coach who’s preparing a workout program to fit their needs, personalities and goals.

High-intensity interval training came in seventh.This type of workout involves short bursts of exercise followed by short periods of recovery. HIIT provides a dynamic workout with many health benefits and is performed in a short session, usually less than 30 minutes.

Body weight training placed eighth. Using body weight to create an effective workout goes back to the basics. Think of the such familiar exercises as lunges, squats and pushups. These types of exercises require little to no equipment and can be incorporated into many different types of workouts.   

Online live and on-demand classes dropped from the top spot to ninth. By using digital streaming technology, group exercise and training instruction can be accessed online. Many of these services are fee- and subscription- based and can be viewed at your convenience.

Health and wellness coaching ranked 10th.Whether it’s one-on-one or in small groups, a trained health coach can combine behavior, exercise and nutrition — as well as encouragement — to promote healthy lifestyles.

This list offers some ideas of what’s available.  Whether you’re looking for a fitness facility or just getting started on your fitness journey, the goal is to keep you moving. Whether it’s a studied trend or something new, finding activities you enjoy is the key.

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