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Take some comfort in your health club choice

July 25, 2017

Going to familiar places, doing things that come easy and spending time with loved ones and friends with which you can be yourself all constitute important forms of comfort. But what about your health club? Do you feel comfortable there, too?

Walking into a health club or gym for the first time can be intimidating. So what factors should you consider and what should you look for in choosing a facility that’s right for you? There are such obvious considerations as location and amenities. But don’t neglect the not-so-obvious considerations: what a facility represents and the programs and experiences it offers members.

Do a little homework before you go to a health club. Call ahead of time to see how you’re greeted. A friendly and knowledgeable voice that invites you to come to the business leaves a positive impression. Check the website and see what a facility offers. 

Location can be an important factor for many people, but not always the most important. If the club is too far away from home or work, you could find yourself making excuses not to go. 

The amenities offered at a health club or gym should fit your activities and lifestyle. Amenities might include weights, group exercise, pool, locker rooms and child care. Make sure a club offers what you need and like. Additional amenities are great, too, in affording you Quick read more or view full article the option to try something new.

 Try a health club or gym first. Before making a commitment, see if it feels right to you. Find a health club or gym that offers a free trial or money back guarantee. Then go in and work out a couple times. By actually using the facilities, you can tell how well they’re maintained and cleaned. Ask yourself if everything is touchable.

Meet the members. Nothing tells you more about a place than the people who are there using it. Moms who take their little ones to the Kid’s Club are very careful with whom they leave their children. Ask the people next to you on a cardio machine about their experiences.  

Your own member experience begins with the first phone call. The salesperson should be concerned about you and your wants and needs. Not everyone joins a health club for the same reason.

If you’re new to exercise, find out if the club offers an orientation program to get you started. Maybe you want to hire a personal trainer. Ask for trainer bios, certifications and training specialties. Finding the right match for you will help in achieving success. 

At Crossroads Fitness Centers, our members tell us what’s important to them. They find comfort in coming to a place to enjoy their favorite activities in a clean environment. Hearing their name when they walk in the door, visiting with friends and finding motivation and energy in a workout from an instructor who really cares about their needs is what it’s all about. 

Choosing a health club where you feel at home, becomes familiar and fits your needs — not that’s comfort.

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