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What’s your fitness personality?

May 23, 2017

Understanding your personality can help you succeed in many areas of your life — work, relationships and even fitness.

Physical activity is an expression of personal choices and comfort. Health and fitness goals are easier to achieve when they align with your personality. Identifying and participating in activities you enjoy makes it easier to achieve your goals. Performing activities you don’t enjoy is difficult, if not impossible, over the long term.

According to the American Council on Exercise, fitness personality types can be sorted into four groups: planners, go-getters, social butterflies and adventurers.

The planner: This fitness personality type leans towards what’s familiar. You know whether or not you’re a morning person or evening person. You plan your exercise routine around not only time, but also what you know. You might attend the same group exercise class. You might be more reserved about the way you approach fitness. Handling change doesn’t come easy. You might also enjoy being left alone when you go to the gym. You have a favorite familiar cardio machine, listen to your own music and perhaps go through the same workout day after day.  

The go-getter: If you fall into this category, you welcome change and are first in line to try something new. You might compete with others. But most of all, you compete Quick read more or view full article with yourself. You’re disciplined and motivated. You thrive on personal improvement. If you fall into this fitness personal group, you might enjoy taking high-intensity group exercise classes or working with a personal trainer.

The social butterfly: The social butterfly is just that – social. You want to be around friends, visit and have fun.  Exercise is part of your life. Your gym activities definitely include group exercise and perhaps small group training. You’re an extrovert and radiate positive energy to those around you.  

The adventurer: If you’re an adventurer, your willing to try anything at least once. Signing up for challenge events and obstacle courses wouldn’t be out of the norm. Neither would taking Zumba or kickboxing classes. You have confidence. This fitness personality doesn’t mind change, loves variety and thinks outside the box. 

One fitness personality the American Council on Exercise didn’t mention is the true introvert. According to Michael Scott Scudder, a well-known fitness counsultant, this type is often overlooked. If you’re an introvert, you might be hesitant to go to a health club. Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t come easily. You might have a difficult time asking for assistance or seeking out motivation and instruction. If this is you, know that health club professionals will work with you at your pace to discover activities that fit your personality.

So, do one of these fitness personalities fit you? Limiting the complexities of personality to only a few categories is a bit constrictive. Many people fall into more than one type. Some days you might feel a little more adventuresome or social than other days. 

Lifestyle changes, age and other factors all play into our feelings about fitness. Your overall natural tendencies don’t change, however. Find a fitness routine that fits you. By taking into consideration your personality, it’s easier to achieve your health and fitness goals. Participating in activities you enjoy and fit your lifestyle is the key.

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