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Group training: Gain strength in small numbers

January 22, 2014
Most people are familiar with the concept of the one-on-one training sessions available at most health clubs and independent studios. But what has changed might surprise you. 

Crossroads Fitness in Grand Junction is an industry leader in the field of small group personal training. Although it seems as though it just hit the market, we’ve been doing it for years. So why is this best kept secret a hit for reaching fitness goals?

Many people say that they can work out alone, and it’s true. But for most of us, the reality is we won’t do it with success. Did you know that an individual who exercises alone has a 45 percent dropout rate within the first year and a 52 percent dropout rate in the second year? That leaves only a 3 percent  rate for someone to succeed with an exercise plan. 

Small group training is successful for many reasons. The first is the fact that the leader, a personal trainer, has specializes in anatomy, exercise science and nutrition. Because of their education and experience, you feel comfortable in their abilities to train you.

Small group training also offers a cost-effective way to work out with a trainer. Because there’s a group, the trainer is able to lower the cost of their time between a few people. Everyone benefits by sharing the cost.   

Another benefit of small group training is the variety. Each workout is carefully designed for your group. Classes could include cardiovascular Quick read more or view full article exercise, weights, interval training, circuit and core work. In small group training, you also could get to incorporate some fun and innovative exercise tools into your workout. Many of these tools require proper technique and form to not only produce the most health benefit, but also reduce injury. Some of these tools include kettle bells, plyo boxes, slam balls and suspension training. 

One of the most important benefits to succeeding in your fitness goals through small group training is structure. By having a class you attend two or three times every week with the same trainer and same people, you begin to develop the workout habit. All you have to do is show up. That structure becomes not only part of your weekly schedule, but also part of your lifestyle.

The part I like best? The social aspect. A small group training class can become a close-knit group of people all trying to achieve their individual goals. I’ve seen it over and over at Crossroads Fitness. These people don’t know each other when they first start.   After a while, they become friends, both in and out of the club.  Some classes cater to businessmen exercising before work.  Others classes feature mothers with young children. Still other classes offer a mix. The fact these people now have a support group that cares about them is one of the most beneficial aspects of small group training.  

Working out in a group yields more success than attempting to do it on your own. Give small group training a try and experience the benefits for yourself. You’ll be amazed to find a trainer and a group of people who are there to cheer you on. Read Less
Posted by Paula Reece
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