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Where do you turn for fitness information?

November 21, 2018

There are so many ways to learn about fitness. From Facebook to gaming systems and fitness videos to personal trainers, new information becomes available on a daily basis. It’s difficult for consumers to know where to turn for the information that’s most beneficial to them given their lifestyles, health, technological skills and fitness goals.

The internet offers a wealth of information, including fitness tips and recipes. Questions can be answered in seconds. It can be tricky, though, deciding what’s legitimate and what’s a sales tactic. One website might tout a cabbage soup diet that will enable you to lose 30 pounds in a month without exercise. Another site might  tell you stretching before a workout is harmful. Someone without a background in health and fitness might not know what to believe. The internet can constitute a valuable tool, but one with the risk of also conveying inaccurate information.

One of the latest fitness trends is the sale and use of gaming systems for fitness entertainment. I agree making fitness fun is a dream come true. The intention of these sports and exercise games is to get people moving. They might not provide a strenuous workout or generate the same results as running or lifting weights, but can get coach potato gamers off the coach. This goes Quick read more or view full article back to figuring out what you want to accomplish in your quest for fitness information.  

Although the next trend isn’t new, it’s one of the fastest growing and that’s the plethora of fitness apps on the market. It’s an amazing concept: you can join in such extreme workouts from your living room. Each class is led by an instructor, so you don’t have to wonder what you’re going to do for exercise that day. The idea revolves around a one-time purchase or monthly contract fee and the convenience of your own home. The pros are there are some people who are self-motivated and disciplined enough an app fitness routine works for them. They’ll exercise even when they don’t feel like it. The cons of these programs are most people aren’t that way. It’s easy to abandon a home fitness program, just like home fitness equipment that doubles as a clothes hanger because it’s never used. Without scheduled workouts and someone to help motivate you, this option is difficult for many to consistently follow.

Health clubs offer the services of personal trainers. Many trainers have studied exercise, health and nutrition in college and hold certified personal training certificates. Taking the time to find a trainer who fits your needs takes some research as well.  Whether you’re looking for someone who specializes in a certain sport or deals with injuries, finding the right trainer for you is important.  Trainers are experts in their fields, but also motivate you and hold you accountable. They are great for jump-starting a fitness program or becoming a part of your fitness lifestyle.

While it’s nice having so many options, sifting through all the information about fitness can be difficult. The best source of information is all about what works best for you, not necessarily what’s the easiest. 

Here’s something else to consider: Statistics show people who exercise in a group are more successful in sticking to their fitness programs than those who go it alone. Personally, I find nothing replaces social interaction and relationships when working towards fitness goals.

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