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Get the hang of it: Suspension training offers benefits

April 25, 2023

 Developed by the Navy’s elite special operations forces, suspension training offers body weight exercises that develop balance, flexibility, strength and core stability.  

Suspension training equipment consists of straps securely anchored to a bar.  The straps can be adjusted to accommodate an individual’s height as well as different exercises. 

Suspension training offers advantages over traditional weight training — using barbells and dumbbells, for instance — in that the  training systems use little equipment and are portable. Exercises aren’t performed on the ground, which provides a level of instability. Core muscles must be engaged while using the trainer.

The major benefit to suspension training, though, is its suitability for all levels of fitness. You’re able to adjust the difficulty of each exercise merely by changing the position of your body. If you’re doing a bicep curls, for example, a more upright position allows for an easier workout. If you move your feet away so your body is in a more horizontal position, more exertion will be required to pull you up into a bicep curl.

A variety of exercises can be performed on a suspension trainer. By learning just a few of the hundreds of different positions, you can enjoy a total body workout.

That’s why all four branches of the military as well as some of the top athletes all use suspension trainers in their fitness programs. Quick read more or view full article Drew Brees, the former New Orleans Saints quarterback, endorsed TRX suspension trainers and incorporated it into his workout program.

According to personal trainers, yet another benefit of suspension training is that it can be used to take pressure off joints when performing such exercises as squats and lunges. By having straps to hold on to, clients can get into a deep squat or lunge and then more easily come up.

Suspension trainers are portable and easy to install on your own. But having a personal trainer show you the exercises using proper form and assist you in getting into position helps you obtain the maximum benefit from exercises while reducing the risk of injury. Learning what positions and exercises work what muscles will help you reach your strength training goals.

While there are many ways to get fit, suspension training offers a powerful and successful tool. Learning to leverage your body weight with gravity creates a unique fitness experience. 

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