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Take steps to identify and address why fitness goals fail

March 20, 2024

Working on you is the most important project you have. Whether it’s exercising regularly, improving nutritional habits or living a balanced life, there’s only one of you. There will only ever be one of you.

Making the most of your life each day is the goal. Aren’t you important enough to make yourself, your health and your life a priority? Of course, you are. 

So why do you fail when it comes to one of the most important things in your life? There are many reasons why you might fall short in the quest for better health. Pinpointing your goals and identifying what’s keeping you from achieving them is the key to unlocking success.

Your goals could be specific — losing a few pounds, looking great for a special occasion, preparing for an athletic event or addressing a medical concern. Perhaps your goal is to simply develop and sustain life-long healthy habits. Once you’ve written down your goals, the next step is to identify what keeps you from achieving them. This is when you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself.   

There are many reasons why fitness goals fail. One of the most common reasons is underestimating how hard it is to change a pattern or habit. It’s all about making many small changes that collectively result in big changes.  Exercise must become a Quick read more or view full article non-negotiable part of your life.  You don’t need to be a fitness saint. But when you accept fitness isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition, you’re more likely to stick with it for life.

Exercise and fitness programs can be intimidating.  Strong, lean and perfect bodies aren’t the goal. Rather, work towards becoming the best you can be. Fitness goals could fail if you don’t know how to achieve them. Learn the four cornerstones of fitness: cardiovascular (gets your heart pumping), flexibility (stretching and lengthening muscles), strength (building muscles and core) and nutrition (giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive). Ask a personal trainer to help you learn how to exercise, avoid injury and achieve your goals. Walk into a health club where you feel comfortable and picture yourself belonging.

If you’ve been on the started and stopped roller coaster of fitness, you already know the benefits of exercise.  There’s an underlying reason why you stopped. Realize your health and fitness goals are for life. Schedule time each day for exercise. Make an appointment you can’t miss. The more routine it becomes, the easier it becomes.

By making exercise fun, you won’t want to miss out.  Fitness goals fail not only because you don’t make time for yourself, but also because it becomes boring and just another task on your to-do-list.

A healthy lifestyle is a choice. If you’re someone who’s had or has serious medical concerns, lacked self-confidence, put others ahead of your needs, lived a too-busy life, lacked energy or wished you could be happier, then today is the day. The day you stop procrastinating about the most important project you have — you.

As hockey legend Wayne Gretzky put it: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Take the shot.

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